Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theory: More sleep = Less energy

I really dislike blogging.

I'm compelled to write exactly whats on my mind, and put everything down in nice sentences and paragraphs. But my mind doesn't work this way. It's fragmented. Like a big screwed up hard drive that needs some maintenance. And seeing as how my wife is an incredible english teacher that also reads my blog, I'm terrified that my grammar is really poor and that I'll get a good flogging once she reads this. Which could actually turn out to be some fun. :)

What do I want to write about?
Whats on my mind right now is going to the gym. Here is the funny thing about that. I always want to go to the gym right after lunch, Monday through Thursday. I have all the energy in the world after lunch. I'll call my wife and make plans with her to go after work which has ALWAYS been canceled (by me) once I arrive home. By 5pm, I'm spent. There is no energy left in the tank for the gym. Why does this phenomenon happen only on Monday-Thursday? Good question, I don't have a clue other than those are the only days I work. So you'd think that since I only work 4 days a week and have three days off, that I'd have plenty of time to go to the gym. You'd be right. But for some reason the energy that I get Monday - Thursday is not there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It's like some kind of astrological anomaly or something. After Thursday, there is no energy to be found!!

So where did it go?
Well, here is my theory. During the week. I get an average of 3.75 hours of sleep per night. Why so little you ask? Some nights it's stupid television. Reality shows, man vs. wild, Discovery channel. On other nights, it's world of warcraft, my second addiction. There are beasties to slay till the wee hours of the morning and I get distracted. Before I know it, it's 1:30 am and the alarm comes at 5am. Which I don't usually have any problem waking up for. The weekends are a different story.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I probably get closer to 9-10 hours per night. Way too much in my opinion. What a complete waste of time. On these days, I feel worse. It's hard to crawl out of bed. Once I'm up, there just seems to be no energy to do anything. My body aches, my joints are stiff and I just don't want to do anything. So I'm pretty convinced that sleep is the problem. Who needs it. If I could just get my 4 hours on the weekends, maybe I'd have the energy for the gym!


Monday, January 5, 2009

I've lost an old friend.....

In my quest for a healthier me, I've had to make some changes. What I eat, the quantity I eat and of course what I drink. I grew up in a house where pop (soda to the rest of you oddballs) was the main thing in the house. Water was just something that you cooked pasta in, or cooked with in some regard. Pop was for drinking.

You were never far from a plethora of soda choices no matter which relatives house you went to. And it wasn't uncommon to sit down and drink 3-4 cans at a time. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's when I really discovered my soon to be best friend Coke. No, not the imported stuff from our South American friends, I'm speaking of Coca-Cola. Black gold...Atlanta tea!

Working long hours in a hot sweaty print shop, you were always thirsty and luckily we happened to have a small store just across the street. In a normal day, we'd run over to the store each morning, and grab a two liter of coke. That would last for an eight hour shift. 67.62 ounces of carbonated sugary goodness. It was a taste a grew to love and I seldom went a day in the last 15 years without it. Until now...

I've given up my old friend Coke. With this change for a healthier me and the days of ingesting an entire days worth of calories in soda alone behind me, I'm left struggling for a good replacement. And since Diet soda is more likely to pickle my gizzards in a chemical soup, I think I'll just stick to that stuff that my family cooks pasta in.

Buona notte e sogni d'oro!